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At Vaculug, we are in the business of helping people and products move from one location to the next, safely, and responsibly. Sustainability in Motion defines our approach to business, to how we take care of our employees, and to how we engage with each of our stakeholders and surrounding communities. #SustainableThinking is a philosophy and filter that we apply to each decision we make and commit to on this journey towards building a more sustainable business, for today and tomorrow.
ouR Vision
We want to make the world more sustainable for the next generations.
ouR Mission
Our mission is to build a responsible and prosperous business that creates shared value for our surrounding communities, near and far. We do so by respecting the planet, by supporting our communities, by innovating our offerings and services for our customers, and by fostering a family culture for our people.
Together, our vision and mission are driven by our fervent belief that our business serves to drive the important work we are doing with our charity, the Zenises Foundation. By building a responsible and prosperous business, we are fuelling our efforts to make a positive impact for our surrounding communities, and for our planet.
This is Sustainability in Motion.
Our vision is ambitious, but we maintain the view that with the right approach, actions, and collaborations, it is achievable.
Working in collaboration with our stakeholders, we are on a mission to build a responsible business - for our children and for their future.
As industry leaders, we aim:
• To produce a first-class retread tyre range in a safe and efficient manner
• To utilise VMS, our industry-leading tyre fleet management system, to manage any fleet, no matter how diverse, in a compliant, cost-effective, and comprehensive manner which meets all customer needs
• To develop new products and processes
to benefit operators in all sectors of the market
• To work with our business partners to offer the most flexible and best value for money products and services
• To promote the environmental benefits of retreading and reduce our impact
on the environment in everything we do
• To value and develop the skills of our people to ensure our goals are achieved
• To apply #SustainableThinking to our everyday business decisions
As one organisation, we are driving change and making a positive impact on society. Our ambition is high, and we want to push our industry partners and stakeholders
to do the same.

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