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and WheRe We aRe headed
F ounded in 1950, Vaculug is a long-established commercial tyre retreading enterprise based in Grantham, United Kingdom. As Europe’s largest independent retreader, we produce high quality retread tyres for fleets across the UK and Europe, whilst also offering effective and practical fleet management solutions to our customers. Our Vaculug HQ is located adjacent to our plant, on 12 acres of land in Grantham, and we also have offices located in Leicester and London. Currently in our 72nd year of operating, our company employs
160 people across the organisation.
In 2021, we processed over 230,000 tyres, representing a 6.5% increase compared to 2018 when the business transitioned to new owners and management.
A private and multi-generational family run entity, in July 2018 Vaculug’s ownership transitioned and the company became a part of the multinational leading Zenises Group. Under the new ownership, Vaculug’s management team is led by the owners who act as the Directors of the company, one of which also acts as Chairman.
Our company’s origins began as a retreading business and quickly became known in the sector for quality and for our ability to innovate the retreading processes. At the turn of the century, we expanded
our business offering to include fleet management, a natural move that helped grow and propel our business forward. While our retreading and fleet management divisions are today two separate business units, they are very much interconnected, generating close to 100% of Vaculug’s total revenue. Today our company also includes Grumac, a business unit that sells manufacturing equipment parts and supplies, and TEC (Tyre Equipment Company) our e-commerce store for retreading parts and consumables, which provides sustainable products for a more circular economy.
Through our retreading operations we process over 230,000 commercial tyres per year. With our bespoke fleet management system and team of dedicated experts, we currently manage the tyres of more than 33,000 commercial vehicles belonging to more than 220 fleet operators across the UK.
Building a responsible business that supports our communities, respects the environment, and prioritises the health and safety of our family has been the driving force that has guided our Vaculug journey since the beginning. As we look forward, we will continue to live by our core values that have guided our company for the past seven decades - and that will continue to lead us into the future.

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