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ouR coRe VaLues
Everything we do at Vaculug is built around three core foundational values:
• A FAMILY culture.
• A RESPONSIBLE approach to business. • A past and future driven by INNOVATION.
A family culture
Our company has been built on a foundation that values the connection we have to our surrounding communities. We believe that for our business to thrive, we need to ensure the people and communities that surround us are thriving. This is the driving force and purpose behind our social impact initiatives that have been developed through our charity foundation, the Zenises Foundation.
Focused on improving the quality of life
in communities where we operate, locally
and globally, a substantial portion of our annual profits help fund the important work that is being done through the Zenises Foundation.
Our community focused approach to business also applies to our own organisation and the culture we have created at Vaculug. We believe the health and well-being of our employees is paramount. We have clear HR policies in place that set out to provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all. Additionally, through
various employee engagement initiatives that we organise throughout the year, including the celebration of key personal and professional milestones, we strive to foster a safe and enjoyable workplace culture and environment for our Vaculug family, every day.
  A responsible approach to business
Approaching business in a responsible and reliable way, through our actions and our commitments, is what has guided our company for the last seven decades, and it is what will continue to guide us into the future.
Building a responsible business means respecting the planet and our surrounding communities and creating value with each of our stakeholders.
Our company is committed to fostering a culture that respects our employees, partners, customers, and communities. We are also committed
to building a sustainable business
that respects the environment.
Working in collaboration with our stakeholders, we are striving to minimise our impact on the planet while at the same time making a positive difference.

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