Page 55 - Vaculug Sustainable Report 2022
P. 55

 Industrial Relations also have an active role in the Company’s commitment in terms of health and safety, characterized by active participation on the part of the union and workers
In accordance with the principle of constructive
and timely dialogue with employees, in the event
of corporate reorganization and restructuring, employees and their representatives are informed in a timeframe that varies from country to country in full compliance with local laws, collective agreements in force and trade union agreements.
Compliance with statutory and contractual obligations governing overtime, time off, association and negotiation, equal opportunities and non- discrimination, bans on child and forced labour.
The governance to protect Human and Labor Rights is the subject of Vaculug’s Ethical Code
and specific Policy adopted by the Company, in particular the “Health, Safety and Environment” Policy. The Code of Ethics Policy is public and has been communicated in English and local languages to employees.
Vaculug’s approach has always been characterized by compliance with all legal and/or contractual requirements concerning working hours, the use of overtime and the right to regular days of rest. These requirements are often the subject of agreements with trade unions, in line with the regulatory context of the country.

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