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ringing our stakeholders along on our sustainability journey is an essential part of the work we are doing. We set out to communicate and disclose all our ESG initiatives primarily through our digital channels, including and our
LinkedIn page. Additionally, with the publication of this Sustainability Report, which we intend to publish and promote on an annual basis moving forward (via social media, website, PR, industry and stakeholder events), we aim to inform our key stakeholders about our efforts, progress and commitments going forward.
With this report, we are the world’s first retreader to disclose a Sustainability Report.
As we look ahead to the next few years, we are committed to sharing our progress with our stakeholders by updating and publishing this report annually, as well as by driving awareness of our #SustainableThinking approach to business across the industry. In this spirit, our Chairman will be sharing his thoughts and ideas for the way forward through increased communication across our marketing platforms, as well as by attending and speaking at sustainability focused industry events.
As we strive to turn our vision into reality, we are driven to apply #SustainableThinking to our everyday business decisions.
We are inspired by the passion, dedication and motivation of our people who have contributed to the success of our business for the past 70 years, and who are committed to building it for the future.
With the publication of our annual Sustainability Report, we will continue to meet with our stakeholders to communicate our investments in creating shared value and making a positive impact for our people, our communities, and the planet.
During this decade of action, we recognise there is no time to stand still. Sustainability in Motion is an ever-evolving ambition that serves to guide us on this path towards a more sustainable future. With the publication of this first Sustainability Report, and the development of our Sustainability Strategy which will guide the way forward, we remain steadfastly committed to establishing our baselines and reporting on our progress annually. We acknowledge that we are on a journey, and this is just the beginning.
We are proud of the progress we have made so far, but we know there is still a lot more work to be done. More than ever, we are motivated to keep going and to lead the way forward.

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