Page 25 - Vaculug Sustainable Report 2022
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We are proud to have imagined and engineered many industry firsts, such as our A-Rated tyre,
the world’s first A-Rated retreader that was verified as having a lower coefficient of rolling resistance; and our 5-rib PROTEKT+ dual sidewall protection system, an innovative solution that provides the best defence against kerbing damage, extending the longevity of the tyre.
Committed to enhancing our products and services, in 2022 we explored new technologies, including potentially leveraging AI to optimise our management and finance systems.
Driven by a can-do mind-set and entrepreneurial spirit that stems from our leadership team, when faced with a challenge we look for the opportunity. Guided by a culture of innovation, our team of manufacturing experts are encouraged to push boundaries and lead the way towards greener manufacturing practices. At every step of the
way, sustainable thinking is applied in the pursuit of new opportunities and innovative solutions for our customers.
Starting with our leadership team, sustainable thinking is in our DNA. It is what drives our day-to- day business decisions, and it is what motivates us to look at ways we can improve our processes and services every day.
  Guided by these values we are taking
a holistic approach to sustainability - whereby sustainability is integrated into all aspects of our business. As we continue this journey of sustainable transformation, we are committed to living our values and engaging our stakeholders along the way.

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