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 We have also hired an external mental health professional who resides outside of the UK and who is available to field calls from anyone on our team who can benefit from this service.
a LooK ahead,
ouR PLans to suPPoRt and engage ouR PeoPLe
As we continue our journey towards creating a better future for all, we are committed to improving how we support and engage our employees along the way. Looking ahead, we will be focusing on formalising our processes to ensure fair and equitable opportunities and compensation for all. We will also focus on diversity and gender parity across all departments, including within the Senior Management.
We appreciate the contribution and value created by all our employees at Vaculug. We are committed to ensuring employees are supported for future growth within the company and will remain focused on providing training opportunities and succession
planning to support their development, setting them up for long-term success. Lastly, we will engage our employees and invite them to volunteer and give-back to our local community through various employee/ community engagement initiatives that we will plan together with our community partners.
ouR coMMitMents foR the neXt 3 YeaRs:
• We will be upskilling our Senior Management Team and employees with sustainability focused education and training sessions.
• We will be providing specific training
for mental and physical health and well-being.
• We will provide training on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
• We will introduce sustainability focused employee awards to be awarded annually.
• We will introduce, track and measure employee engagement opportunities, such as dedicated community volunteering days

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