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 As a family-owned company, we are proud
of the family culture that we have fostered at Vaculug over the years. We are also proud of the many multi-generational family employees we have working within our organisation. Currently, we have several multi-generational family connections with seven fathers whose sons have followed in their paths and have joined our Vaculug family. Additionally, we have two brothers who work together within the organisation.
In a world that is increasingly and rapidly moving towards the 5th Industrial Revolution, which seeks to bring smart- technological innovations and human connections closer together, the desire to harness knowledge and experience gained from years of industrial and manufacturing trades seems to be dwindling. While we are steadfastly committed to investing in R&D and innovation, we also value the transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Our family connections, alongside
our commitment to quality, excellence and innovation are all important to our sustainability journey.
       The family culture and ties that we have fostered over the years is perhaps one
of our greatest and most distinguished achievements at Vaculug. In line with our vision to make the world more sustainable for future generations, we will continue to foster our Vaculug family ties and engage the next generation on this journey.
           This concerted effort to create a safe and enjoyable workplace environmental become even more important during the pandemic. Like many other organisations and industries, the impact of the pandemic was felt by our people and our business. Leaning on our core values and beliefs, we did not allow the pandemic
to close our doors. Instead, we kept operations and payments to our employees going, despite the impact to sales and revenue during this period. Regardless of the extraordinary events and circumstances, we remained committed to living our values and taking care of our people.
Dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of our employees, we have also introduced several initiatives focused on mind and body health, such as yoga classes and bike to work programmes.

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