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 employees are required to complete a selection procedure, in accordance with Quality Standards, and assess candidates against a range of specified criteria. During the selection process, every effort is made to ensure that potential employees, including those moving into new jobs within the company, fully understand the requirements of their roles.
Guided by our core family values, it is our belief at Vaculug that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and to be fairly compensated for their work and contribution to the growth of the organisation. This is why in 2018, when our company’s ownership transitioned, the new owners felt it was important to focus first and foremost on the well-being of our people. Cognisant of that change can lead to feelings of uncertainty, the first order of business for the new owners was to invest in its people.
As part of the transition, all employees at Vaculug received a pay raise. It was not tied to a set of performance targets, or an annual bonus - instead it was a small gesture to send a big message that the people’s best interests, were at the heart of the company.
Additionally, every year since the transition in ownership in 2018, all Vaculug employees receive a financial bonus at the end of the year.
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020,
we made the decision to not let go of our people.
To the contrary, we increased the salaries of our Senior Management Team and we kept our business going. Only for a brief period during the pandemic, at the request of our employees and with the support of the government furlough scheme, we closed our operations.
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Creating and fostering a family culture was a significant organisational shift that occurred as part of our company’s transition in 2018, and this was a top priority for our new owners and leadership
team. Embracing our community and family-based approach to business, we make a concerted effort to take time to celebrate special occasions of our people and our company.
In the summer of 2020 during
the Covid-19 pandemic, we celebrated Vaculug’s 70th Anniversary.
To mark the occasion, and in keeping with the Covid-19 regulations set by the UK government at the time, we organised a large outdoor Family Festival that included games, food, live music, a magic show, go-karting and fun for all our employees and their families. Committed to establishing a family culture at our organisation, we also celebrate the work anniversaries and special birthdays of each of our employees. Cultural days such as Diwali and Chinese New Year, Brazil Day are also marked with a special workplace event or experience. Altogether, these joyous celebrations help foster a year-round fun and inclusive community and family culture at Vaculug.

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