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Good governance starts with leadership that is guided by purpose. Under the leadership of our purpose-driven Chairman and Senior Management team, we are in business to improve quality of life for our neighbours and
surrounding communities first.
Good governance also stems from our Vaculug family culture, through the day-to-day interactions between our employees, our customers, and each of our stakeholders. With our recruitment and hiring policies, we aim to attract and hire people who share our values.
Our approach to building a responsible business is guided by the stewardship of our company’s vision, mission and core values. We fundamentally believe that by taking care of our people and communities first, the business will be taken care of (and will prosper) in return.
We recognise that on this journey, sound and responsible Corporate Governance is essential. To realise our vision ‘ make the world more sustainable for the next generations’, and to position our business for long-term success we know we need to be held to account - to our commitments, to our customers and to our people.
In line with our core values, over the years we have put in place several policies aimed at improving our governance, processes and good business practices. At the time of writing this report, Industry Regulations requiring disclosure of ESG practices have not yet been mandated. We recognise the importance of disclosure, however, to inform and engage our stakeholders and to establish best practice for the industry. We are prepared to lead the way forward for our industry, and to do this requires unwavering and steadfast leadership and stewardship.
Our current organisational structure is led by our Chairman and Senior Management team.
As is stated in our ‘Vaculug Limited Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy, it is the responsibility of our Managing Director to ensure that, as a company, we are operating in compliance with all standards and procedures outlined in our policies and certifications.
Vaculug’s sustainability agenda is being steered by the Chairman.
Additionally, in November 2021, we appointed a Chief Sustainability Officer. Beyond this, we do not yet have in place a formal Vaculug Corporate Governance structure that is focused on ESG compliance and performance. It is something we will be focusing on establishing as we continue this journey.
While our sustainability agenda is led by our Senior Leadership Team, we recognise that every person across our organisation plays a key role in implementing our ESG policies.
As explained in section 6 of this report, to ensure compliance of our policies, we strongly believe in the importance of educating, training and empowering our managers and employees to ensure that responsible governance and leadership is both understood and practiced across our organisation.
Part of what defines good governance at Vaculug is the position we take and the decisions we make when faced with adversity. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to keep our people employed and our
   Europe’s Largest Independent Retreader

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