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  Europe’s Largest Independent Retreader
Haarjeev Kandhari
TVaculug, Chairman
Europe’s Largest Independent Retreader
the decade of action has begun
 here is unprecedented agreement among the world’s governments, industry, and civil society stakeholders that we as a global community are operating on a strictly limited carbon budget, and that we cannot wait until 2030 to take action to reach a net zero
world by mid-century. That is why we at Vaculug are putting Sustainability in Motion by accelerating our climate commitments and actions.
We see decarbonisation as the area where we can have the greatest impact, but we also recognise that sustainability risks, responsibilities and opportunities for our business encompass the full scope of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors.
For this reason, we are integrating a comprehensive and ambitious sustainability (or ESG) strategy into our business strategy and operations to hold ourselves accountable throughout the year. This is the heart of Vaculug’ s ESG strategy – from how we serve our customers to how we ensure a level and fair playing field that benefits societies far beyond our great shores here in the UK.
The pandemic is still very much with us; this past year has seen tragic human losses as new waves of breakouts continue to strain public health systems as well as taking their toll on mental health for many around the world. Vaculug is doing its part where it can add the most value, doubling down on solutions to keep Britain’s fleets open for business this year especially as customers continue to be challenged with disruptions, capacity and equipment shortages and port congestion. We must ensure that the critical need to support our customers goes hand in hand with the imperative of decarbonising logistics.
We are committing to be net zero across our business by 2030. The science
is clear: we must make an impact in
this decade, or it will simply be too late!

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