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 In 2021 we reviewed our priorities to ensure a comprehensive focus on all Environmental, So- cial and Governance issues while integrating am- bitions and targets into our business strategy. Our ESG priorities are grounded in a strong founda- tion of societal responsibility and a commitment to serve our customers’ needs for sustainable logistics solutions, and aligned with key external standards and ratings. This ensures that we prioritise the issues that are most important to society and to Vaculug, with proportional responses and solid metrics to track progress and hold ourselves accountable.
As we embark on the roadmap
to deliver on our updated targets,
we are committed to tying performance on key ESG metrics to executive remuneration from 2023.
Our sustainability strategy comprises several cate- gories covering all material responsibilities, risks and opportunities across the environment, social and gov- ernance dimensions, and our work is guided by three core commitments:
1. We will take leadership in the decarbonisation of retreading.
2. We will ensure that our people thrive at work by providing a safe and inspiring workplace.
3. We will operate Vaculug based on responsible business practices.
Engaging and living our values in line with our con- tinued support for the UN Global Compact, we rec- ognise the importance of collaboration to reach our ambitious goals, and as a result we continue to engage in partnerships and alliances with many of our customers, to drive progress on sustainabili- ty issues. In addition to providing real opportuni- ties for developing and scaling new solutions, such partnerships and other public commitments are open demonstrations of how we live our Core Values.
Despite some of the unavoidable setbacks caused by the continued pandemic, 2021 was a year of many milestones – none of which would have been possi- ble without the shared commitment of our customers, partners, and the many dedicated and passionate people at Vaculug.
The decade of action is not just beginning - it is well under way.

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