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• We continued to invest in educating the next generation!
• We launched Vaculug’s Oneness Education Initiative and donated more
than 200,000 textbooks to schools in India.
• Through our charity the Zenises Foundation we funded over 100 scholarships
and educational opportunities to youth
in India, South Africa, Spain, and the UK, including ten scholarships at the University of Oxford
• We fed more than 125 thousand people in need (an annual single-day event) through the Zenises Foundation
• In 2022, we employed 159 full-time employees across our company, and we continued
to invest in fostering a safe and happy workplace for all our people!
• Committed to carbon net-zero
(scopes 1 and 2) carbon emissions by 2030.
• Committed to conducting carbon assessment in 2023 (results to be presented in 2023 Sustainability Report)
• Committed to conducting external audit of our carbon assessment in 2023.
• Committed to submitting SBTi targets in 2023.
• Over 5026 tonnes of rubber recovered
and reused in sports surfaces and children’s playgrounds, and 1103 tonnes of steel was recycled from end-of-life tyres in 2022.
• Europe’s largest independent retreader, celebrating 72 years of being a responsible and prosperous business.
• A responsible and growing business, with over 244,00 tyres processed per year (up 6.3% since 2021)
• Joined the UN Global Compact in 2021
• Committed to align with the Tire Sector SDG Roadmap
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