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      • We provide equal employment and development opportunities at our local production plant and HQ in Grantham.
• We organise and host various events throughout the year that engage and entertain our Vaculug employees and their families, with the aim of creating a caring and fun family culture. It is one way to show our employees how much we value them.
• We leverage the expertise and talents of our people to identify and develop internal training programmes for employees who are new or are transitioning from one role to another.
• We have several initiatives in place supporting the health and well-being of our employees
  160 people employed at Vaculug
Confirm # participated in formal development/ training programmes in 2021.
All 160 Vaculug employees had access to development with Vaculug University.
              Zenises Foundation & Local Community Partnerships (parish council, universities
          • Several social impact initiatives aimed at improving quality of life, with a focus on giving children access to quality education.
• Provide healthy meals to children in need
• Support Grantham football league with donations
• Sponsor girls STEM project
• Resurface local playgrounds
   Over 100 scholarships funded, including 10 with the University of Oxford
125,000 people in need fed at a one-day event (an annual event, apart from pandemic)
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