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to providing access to quality education for people in our communities, in line with SDG #4, we set up the ‘Mark and Rosie Damazer Mentorship’ programme with the University of Oxford. The programme invites students to work alongside c-suite executives for one week. The students are immersed in a professional working environment where they are granted the opportunity to learn first-hand from industry experts and leaders.
“Without that support (of the Zenises Foundation) we would be doing much less work on a whole variety of aspects...and it’s unusual to have an automotive and tyre industry so closely associated to philanthropy, and education in particular. On behalf of the home College, I just want to say how enormously grateful we are.”
Mark Damazer, CBE, Master of St. Peter’s College
In line with our vision to create a better world for the next generation, we help fund restoration projects that are focused on improving children’s playgrounds and environments. Additionally, we support children’s well- being and development by supporting our local Youth Football League in Grantham. #GoGranthamGo!
We know that we will not be able to realise our vision on our own. We will need to collaborate with each of our stakeholders to identify areas where we can make a meaningful impact together.
“Grantham is home to so many wonderful, long- standing manufacturing businesses. For over
70 years, Grantham has been home to Vaculug Limited, which is a leading commercial tyre retreading specialist, providing tyres for fleets across the U.K. I had a great afternoon meeting Executive Chairman, Haarjeev Kandhari, and his team and hearing about all of their success and plans for the future.”
Gareth Davies, UK Member of Parliament
We have several key stakeholder groups who play a vital role in helping us create value and deliver on the goals we set out for the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit (see Figure 3).

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