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  The Foundation has had many stories of its little successes. One of those stories is that of Gurpreet Kaur. Her father abandoned her and her little sister as children because he could no longer afford to look after them. She was split up from her sister and went to live with an aunt. She had no hope or future as her family could not afford to feed her.
The Z Aspire team met her and adopted her and mentored her. Through the strength
of her spirit, Gurpreet pushed herself on and graduated not only from school and university but is now also completing a Masters degree.
She has established a career in the IT industry and is now a young lady of independent means. In her spare time she writes poetry, pursues her passion for photography and also blogs on a variety of subjects.
Being the first person from her village to attend university, Gurpreet now acts as an inspiration to other youngsters in the value of education to break the cycle of poverty. Being the first person from her village to attend university, Gurpreet now acts as an inspiration to other youngsters in seeking to better their own lives and that of their family network.
   “It is our belief that the true value of a company is in the benefit it brings to those who really need it.”
Haarjeev Kandhari, Vaculug Chairman
ver the years, witnessing numerous countriesachieveindustrytransformations, we at Vaculug have become more determined that this economic growth should not bypass the local people. Africa and the Indian subcontinent are just two
examples of continents which have experienced tremendous recent growth but where great financial disparity remains. At Vaculug we sought to create educational opportunities and improve the quality of life for the multiple impoverished communities that are in urgent need of investment be they in India or even in our home in the United Kingdom.
We partnered with the Zenises Foundation to which we donate a significant portion of our profits to create bespoke solutions to aid in our mission to help make the world more sustainable.
Zenises has focussed on two main areas for Vaculug: Education and Food Security. The Foundation was tasked to ensure that we support global SDGs, namely SDGs 1, 2, 4, 8 and 17 (which represent no poverty, zero hunger, quality education, decent work and economic growth and partnerships for the goals, respectively).
We fundamentally believe that one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education. This is why we have tasked the Zenises foundation to ensure that we focus on building long term solutions for educating those in need.

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