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 “For a company to be sustainable, it needs to be profitable.”
Haarjeev Kandhari, Vaculug Chairman
“No one would remember the good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well.”
Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of the UK, born in Grantham
The best way we can look after our people and planet is to build a responsible and prosperous business that is set-up for long-term future success.
We believe that by integrating ESG into our
core business, we will be better positioned to not only face the many global environmental, social, and economic issues facing the world today, but we will also be in a stronger competitive and financial position to help address these very issues.
To build a long-lasting business that will take us into the future, we are focused on two key areas: innovation and creating shared value with each of our stakeholders.
We are proud of our history, our achievements, and the company we have built over the past 70 years. But we know success doesn’t stand idle. As industry leaders, we need to remain in a leadership position by continuing to advance and imagine innovative and creative R&D products, services and solutions for our customers.
Despite being a relatively smaller player in the tyre industry, working and competing alongside larger multinational organisations, through the introduction of several industry-first products and solutions, we have demonstrated time and again that we are committed to embracing and fostering a culture of innovation and #SustainableThinking that firmly positions Vaculug as a competitive industry player and leader.
Our incredibly talented and passionate team of manufacturing experts have contributed to the ideation, testing and development of countless industry-first products that have been recognised, adopted and valued by our customers and the industry. Each initiative was inspired by an issue that needed to be resolved, and each one was developed with a commitment to ensuring the highest quality and safest products for our customers.
To remain on the leading edge of retreading globally, we are invested in the latest technology.
We remain the first and only retreader in the
UK to utilise high-pressure, 12-segment matrices which are used to produce our Logistik range. We applied the same tech used from aircraft retreading technology, leading to the idea for the 12-segment matric.
This innovation has resulted in tyres which exhibit both excellent wear characteristics and lower rolling resistance. In addition, our Duramold range now houses the 245/70R17.5 WZY2, a tyre with a specially developed kerbing band to provide extra sidewall protection to urban vehicle tyres which become worn from sustained kerb damage.
• The creation of a fully A-rated tyre (achieved due to the reduction of fuel usage during the production process).
• The Z-Brand tyre - an industry and world first that earned us a Guinness World Record!
• Protekt+ - sidewall protection improvements with the addition of a ribbing structure that extends the durability and life of a tyre.
• We have developed a special thermal insulation system which reduces gas consumption by 27% and carbon emissions by 950 tonnes per annum.
• The creation of tyre jackets, which are used for the safe delivery and transportation of our newly produced retreaded tyres.

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