Page 33 - Vaculug Sustainable Report 2022
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Our people are our greatest resource. Our people are our greatest resource. Each business decision we make is guided by our commitment to put the health and well-being of our people first. As a family-run organisation, we
are committed to fostering an inclusive culture where people feel valued and respected.
We are also committed to developing our people to unleash their greatest potential. We believe in the power of education to drive change. In this light, we view every challenge, role, and function as an opportunity for our people to grow and learn every day. Our dedication to support our people’s desire to grow stems from our company’s approach to innovation – it is embedded into the culture of our organisation, and it is what drives us to improve every day - continuously and incrementally.
hiRing and RecRuiting
As is stated in our hiring policy, when recruiting and hiring we select the best person for a position - regardless of sex, race, colour, religion, ethnic origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
Our hiring procedures and policies are clearly communicated in our internal Human Resources Recruitment & Selection document.
Committed to being the kind of employer that people want to work for, and as part of our efforts to attract the best talent and remain competitive, in 2022 we began our application process with the UK’s Best Small Companies to Work For. We are working towards receiving this certification for 2023.
eQuaLitY and diVeRsitY
We are committed to fostering a company culture that welcomes and respects people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our HR policies ensure that everyone across the organisation feels safe and included in line with our Diversity, Equality,
and Inclusivity (DEI) approach to doing business.
Since our business transitioned ownership in 2018, we have made a concerted effort to recruit, hire and welcome more women and people from diverse backgrounds to our organisation.
continuous education
We believe that by investing in our people, we are unquestionably investing in the future of our
business, our surrounding communities, and the planet.
We are committed to providing all employees
with the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge through continued education and professional training programmes. Employees could participate in development programmes that align with their individual goals and ambitions.
One of the many ways we are investing in our people is through professional development initiatives.
In March 2023 we will be investing in educational development for two of our Vaculug team members as they embark on a journey to pursue their master’s degrees at Northumbria University.

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