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Over the coming decades, it will grow large enough to offset one person’s entire lifetime carbon footprint.
We are tracking our water consumption monthly, while monitoring our year over year usage on a continuous basis.
As part of our energy use reduction programme, we have developed special thermal insulation systems for our tyre presses, which are now being used by many other manufacturers within the retreading industry. We have also invested in a new heating control mechanism and advanced production techniques which have reduced cure time, saving the amount of energy used during the production process. Additionally, over the past few years we have replaced our lighting to LED lightbulbs throughout our facilities.
We recognise and value the importance of partnerships for creating and contributing to a circular economy. We buy used tyre casings, we sell retreaded tyres, and we pay to recycle our unusable tyres and rubber waste materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill sites.
In conjunction with industry-recognised bodies, we agree and set standards for the reuse of tyres and the recycling of those which are beyond further use, and wherever we can we reduce, reuse and recycle our materials.
Although it costs more to recycle, versus sending end-of-life tyres to landfill, we have made the conscious decision to act responsibly by choosing to recycle our rubber waste.
It is an example of a #SustainabilityThinking led decision that ultimately reduces our impact and cost to the environment.
By working in close collaboration with our partner Murfitts Industries, we ensure that our waste is put to good use. Murfitts Industries are the UK’s leading tyre collector and manufacturer of rubber granules worldwide. A sustainability focused company, 100% of the tyres Murfitts collects are recycled and repurposed for a variety of products, including artificial turf infill, rubber mulch used on children’s playgrounds, carpet underlays and road surfaces, just to name a few.
Image courtesy of Murfitts Industries
Through our recycling programme with Murfitts, all the rubber that is recycled is repurposed in two primary ways.
The first use sees the rubber turned into rubber crumb which is then used to make various products. In the second scenario, rubber crumb goes back to tyre manufacturers who then use it to make new tyres. In both scenarios, end of life tyre rubber that was otherwise destined for landfill is put to good use. In 2021, our recycled rubber resulted in 5682 tonnes of rubber that was used to produce sports surfaces and childrens’ playgrounds. One notable example is seen with our recycled rubber that went into the making of FC Barcelona’s training grounds, which met all the quality, health and safety requirements put in place for the safety of the players.
In addition to our efforts to recycle end of life tyres, we have also put actions in place to recycle 100% of our non-tyre related waste with our ‘zero general waste to landfill’ policy, which is monitored by our EMS (Environmental Management Systems) Certification.

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