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Going beyond meeting standards, we are also committed to maintaining our manufacturing equipment to ensure we can deliver the highest quality products and services. While sustainability is often referred to in the context of environmental and social dimensions, it also represents longevity - something that has existed or will exist over a long and sustainable period.
a LooK ahead,
coMMitted to heaLth & safetY foR ouR eMPLoYees, and deLiVeRing QuaLitY
& eXceLLence foR ouR custoMeRs
Ensuring the health & safety of our employees, customers and end-users is our top priority at Vaculug. To improve upon our existing practices around health & safety as we look forward, we will focus on formalising our health & safety training, policies and communication practices over the next year. We remain equally committed to continuing to deliver quality and excellence, in both products and services, to our customers.
ouR coMMitMents foR the neXt 3 YeaRs:
• We will reinforce our existing ESG policies
by continuing to improve and integrate ESG issues into our HR and Management policies.
• Maintain our commitment to fostering a healthy, safe and zero-injury work environment.
• We are committed to continuing to make Quality
& Excellence training a priority across our business operations by formalising our training processes.
• We will formalise our communication around the training and development opportunities and expectations for our employees.
  At Vaculug, we take pride in the fact that we have maintained and are still using production equipment that has endured the test of time – this is part of what defines sustainability in motion. Our oldest machine is the autoclave, which is used
for curing off-the-road (OTR) tyres and
has been in operation since 1952. Thanks
to the specialised care and maintenance provided by our Vaculug manufacturing team, much of our equipment has served the company for decades and is still in operation today. Replacing the machine and sending it off to landfill would have been the easier and less costly path to take. This path doesn’t align with our core values and #sustainablethinking approach to business.

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