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 We aRe coMMitted
to QuaLitY & eXceLLence
As industry leaders in the retreading sector, producing and delivering the highest quality products, for exceptional value for money, is the driving force behind our business.
As stated in the Health & Safety section of this report, our ‘Vaculug Limited Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy’ outlines our commitments to quality and safety. To ensure the highest quality of products and services across our operations, the following commitments are outlined in our policy:
• To providing our customers with a first-class retread product and service manufactured in a safe and efficient manner
• To the continuous improvement of our management systems, performance and products
• To the protection of the environment,
the prevention of pollution and environmental impacts related to our business
• To communication, participation, and consultation with our Vaculug family team members
• To meet and maintain all the standards required by ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 (see Figures 1 and 2)
Reinforcing our commitment to quality and safety, our professional repair service covers all sizes of commercial vehicle tyres and following a careful examination, our team carries out repairs in line with BS AU 159. We also service off-the-road (OTR) tyres. Our process entails taking a worn tyre of good structural integrity, and completely renewing the tread and sidewall rubber. There are 6 key stages to our retreading process, including: initial inspection, buffing, preparation, building, curing and final inspection. For this final inspection stage, we perform 8 quality checks, more than what a new tyre endures, to ensure the rebuilt tyre has no defects and is fully fit for service. Our retread tyres are produced to ECE 109 standards which is the same as a new tyre. Our systems provide a complete record of each stage of remanufacturing, and we have invested in the latest retreading technology, including 12-segment, high pressure moulds and inflation testing to 150 psi.
In recognition of our commitment to quality & excellence throughout our manufacturing operations, we became ISO 9001 certified in 2015, which certifies we operate a quality management system in compliance with the standards set in relation to the manufacturing of retread tyres for commercial, industrial and earth moving vehicles, as well as the repair and polyurethane filling of tyres for such vehicles (see Figure 2).

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