Page 19 - Vaculug Sustainable Report 2022
P. 19

 I am excited to join Vaculug as
their Chief Sustainability Advisor. Vaculug is not only a leading retreading company in the UK and Europe,
but it is a company that has made a real commitment to sustainability.
The company has set ambitious objectives for the coming years, which really sets it apart from other organisations
in the sector. I look forward to continuing to work with Vaculug as they continue to work towards their mission
to change the world for better.
Paolo Taticchi,
Professor of Strategy & Sustainability at UCL School of Management.
We are serious about our ESG commitments and realising our vision to create a better world for
future generations. With Paolo’s guidance, we are committed to sharpening our focus, elevating our knowledge, and accelerating our efforts to achieve the ambitious goals we have mapped out for the next few years.

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